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Fortis® Armour specialise in the manufacture of personal protection products including body armour, stab vests, bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, ballistic blankets and ballistic protection equipment. All products carry internationally recognised certification.

Fortis® Armour is part of TW Kempton (Corporate Clothing) Ltd who specialise in military, police, uniform and corporate clothing, supplying customers worldwide and are accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

Fortis® Armour protects against bullet, shrapnel and glass fragments, knife, spike and needle attack, as well as providing blunt trauma protection, all in a single vest.

  • Area of full protection extends over whole armour, edge to edge.

  • Protection against multiple/automatic fire from sub-machine guns.

  • Totally impervious to water – provides full protection even when exposed over long periods to seawater, freshwater, spray, moisture or humidity.

Fortis® Armour products are certified to and exceed the standards of the UK HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) and the US NIJ (National Institute of Justice) for body armour and ballistic protection

Fortis® Armour offers the following:

  • High quality materials.

  • Design and development.

  • Internationally certified products.

  • Excellent value

  • Excellent service

We invite you to browse through our website, and if you have any comments, or questions, please do send them to us. We promise to respond.

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