Fortis ® are the UK’s leading manufacturer of stab vests and ballistic vests to local authorities, the NHS, government departments and blue chip companies. We work at the cutting edge of technology, and our body armour is the lightest, most flexible and therefore most comfortable in the industry, whilst still meeting all Home Office & CE Mark standards.

Lifetime international repair service


Fortis Body Armour is fully guaranteed. 

If damage occurs to the armour panels (not covers) during an on duty confrontation with sharp instruments, we will repair them free of charge. Simply enclose the original police reports stating that your Fortis Body Armour protected you, explaining how the damage occurred.(Customers are responsible for all shipping costs). If any components are damaged due to neglect, misuse or abuse, the above guarantees are null and void. 


The Warranty Period

Stab & Spike Resistant Vests

We are pleased to announce that after careful consultation with our raw material suppliers and rigorous age-testing, the Warranty Period on our Fortis® KR1/SP1 stab and spike protective vests is 10 years, after which period of time it should be replaced.


Multi-Purpose (Ballistic, Stab & Spike Resistant Vests)

Armour that is multi-purpose (that is, handgun, knife and spike resistant HG1/KR1/SP1 or higher) carries an initial 5 year warranty; after this period it can be checked and recertified for a further 5 years for a modest cost (similar to an MOT on a car) to give a total life of 10 years.

The armour panels have to be replaced after this period even if they are not damaged because the material used in the vest will, over time, degrade. Remember, these are PPE items and they may be called on to prevent serious and life threatening injury and be subjected to extreme trauma. Put another way, you would not speed around a race circuit at 200mph on a high powered motorbike, knowingly wearing a 10 year old crash helmet that had been generally abused and mistreated.

We have a duty of care and a responsibility to the users of our products – as do our material suppliers – as do you - and we know that over a period of time the efficiency and performance of any material will tail off. That decay will be gradual, not seismic, but there WILL be a fall-off in performance. We build in to our calculations massive safety margins and, to cover everyone in the chain, from the raw material supplier right the way through to the end user, we, (as do all reputable body armour manufacturers) stipulate a ‘best before’ date.


How long is the Fortis vest warranty & when should armour be replaced?


Fortis provides an initial warranty for all soft armour panels against all defects of design, materials and/or workmanship other than caused by fair wear and tear for a period of five (5) years from the date of delivery. The carriers are warranted for 12 months and should be replaced as needed. The warranty is null and void if improper care, misuse or neglect occurs. See Warranty information for exact details.


Each unit of body armour is made up of two parts: the protective panels and the carrier. The protective panels can be broken down into two types:

1. KR1/SP1 panels. These panels are Knife & Spike (resistant to knife, stab, spike, hypodermic, slash & blunt trauma), where ‘KR’ denotes knife resistant and ‘SP’ denotes spike resistant. Knife/Spike protective panels are identified by a red triangle on the armour panel and are warranted for five years; a replacement is recommended at the end of that period.


2. HG1/KR1/SP1 or HG2/KR2/SP2 panels. These panels are Multi-Purpose (resistant to ballistic, knife, stab, spike, hypodermic, shrapnel, blunt trauma and slash), where ‘HG’ stands for handgun round resistant, ‘KR’ stand for knife resistant and ‘SP’ stands for spike resistant.


Multi-purpose protective panels are identified by a green square on the armour panel. These panels are initially warranted for five years. Due to material we use in the production of these products, it is possible to have the panels ‘MOT’d, or re-certified’ at the end of the five year period for a further five years. This means that for a relatively small re-certification cost the unit is serviceable for an overall 2 ten year period. The re-certification process involves returning the armour panels to us, where the armour panel is stripped of its outer nylon cover and the individual sheets of material making up the protective panel are carefully and expertly examined for any signs of stress or damage. Once we are satisfied that all the sheets are free from defect or fault, a new nylon cover is then put onto the armour panel. If any of the armour sheets need replacing due to damage, stress or misuse, we will tell you and let you know how much it will cost to put this right. The new label denotes the date of original issue and the fact the armour panel has been re-certified for a further five years.


The carriers are warranted for 12 months and should be replaced as needed. The warranty is null and void if improper care, misuse or neglect occurs. See Warranty information for exact details.


The protective panels don’t just ‘stop working’ at the end of warranty period, but there may be a tailoff of performance which may mean that the protective panel fails to achieve the level of protection against the particular threat level.


As a responsible employer, you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure that any protective equipment supplied to them (and this includes body armour) continues to meet the warranty requirements laid down by the equipment manufacturer.

The wearing of body armour does not guarantee protection from all types of threats that may be encountered. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specified is satisfactory for the intended purpose. Kempton's expertise is at your service, with specific threat testing and proven solutions.

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