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Ballistic Shields


We offer a good range of Ballistic Shields with the following features:

  • Variations in size

  • NIJ certified

  • Bullet-resistant Viewports

  • Handgrip options


Shields utilise the latest technologies to provide the high protection for less weight.


The United Shield range of ballistic shields incorporates the latest materials technology and a handle system that has been eronomically developed over a number of years. They are available in a standard range of sizes and in a number of different protection levels.


Designed to allow for easy entry into buildings and good overall body coverage, the shields incorporate a multifunctional handle enabling usage by both left and right handed people and two additional handles to allow the shield to be held with the forearm vertically.


To ease the load there is a neck strap which allows the shield to hang across the body and fress hands for the other tasks. To reduce damage, the edges are covered in a hard wearing trim.


The medium, large and grand sizes have the additional benefit of a NIJ level IIIA window size 250mm x 100mm. A larger window 400mm x 100mm is also available.

Shield options

  • Special sizes

  • Weapon rest cutout

  • Collapsable shields

  • Different window sizes

  • Rigid handles

Fortis Shield 

The Fortis shield is one of the most popular products in our range of ballistic shields. It was designed in conjunction with UK Police Tactical Firearms Unit to satisfy a need for a shield which was light versatile, whilst being strong and robust. The shield is ambidextrous, so that left or right-handed operators can use the same shield quickly without any need to change handle position. It is very adaptable when used in different tactical situations such as dynamic entry, hostage situations domestic situations, routine patrol and casualty evacuation. The integrated weapon mount provides for single operation allowing operators to deploy their weapon with exposing their arm. The shield has three vertical soft handles for ease of carrying and stowage.

Ballistic Protection

NJ IIA (Bespoke options available

Key Features

  • Marketing Leading Technology

  • Adjustable arm supports that allow for greater control and support

  • Ergonomic design

  • Extremely Resilient

Sizes & Weights

  • Dimensions 810mm x 560mm (32” x 22”)

  • Shield weight 4.7kg (10.4lbs)


  • Lighting system available

  • Upgrade panels available

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