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Vehicle Armour (Covert)



Generic Covert Armour Protection System

A full transportable system offering covert protection to a range of sedans and 4x4’s comprising:

  • Door panels with hard armour insert plate. Incorporating easy and rapid deployment to alternative vehicles. Can be used as shields in ‘hot extraction’ situation.

  • Seat covers with long ‘train’ providing protection against underfloor blast and shrapnel. Can be used as stretchers and carried by two or four persons.

  • Head protection.

  • Supplied in 2 x ‘mission bags’ which can be transported in the trunk of the sedan when not in use.



 Protection Levels
·         7.62 x 54R             AP (Druganov & PKM GPMG)             830m/s
·         7.62 x 51               AP (P&O)                                          840m/s
·         7.62 x 51               NATO Ball                                         838m/s
·         7.62 x 39               Chinese API                                      710m/s
·         7.62 x 39               AP                                                    878m/s
·         5.56 x 45               Ball (SS109/M855)                             942m/s
·         12gg                     Solid lead slug                                    473m/s

90kg per set.

Fitting/Transfer Time
10 minutes by 2 people.

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