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Technical specs


Exceeding specifications


Since our armour can be tailored to your requirements it has to meet and exceed the accepted international standards for body armour. Our range of Fortis armour, armoured jackets and vests, meet and exceed the specifications of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and Centre of Applied Science and Technology (CAST).

They have been tested for perforation resistance to bullets fired from hand guns, carbines, shotguns, rifles, 9mm sub-machine guns, knives, spikes, needles, shrapnel and glass fragments. The armour can minimise blunt trauma to 15mm behind the body armour and has a high attenuation to blunt impact energy such as punches, kicks, bricks and projectiles.

We can also provide certain armour constructions that are immune to effects of freshwater, sea water, precipitation and humidity and have resistance to chemical and biological attack and have opacity to radar and microwave energy. We can even provide flame resistance cover materials that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC


Ballistic Body Armour Standard

The levels of protection cover the following threat groupings:

HG1A – Low Handgun
Protection against standard ammunition fired from short-barrelled handguns.

HG1 – Medium Handgun
Protection against standard ammunition fired from short-barrelled handguns, with superior resistance to blunt trauma than is found at protection level HG1.

HG2  - High Handgun/ Carbine
Protection against standard ammunition fired from long barrelled handguns, 9mm carbines and sub machine guns.

RF1 – Rifle
Protection against soft-core ammunition fired from rifles.

SG1 – Shotgun
Protection against BB and No.6 shot fired from full-length shotguns at close range.

Click here for a the Fortis Ballistic Technical Spec. (pdf)

Stab Resistance Body Armour Standard 

There are three levels of protection: 

KR1 - the lowest protection level and is tested at a performance level of 24 joules of energy.

KR2 - a medium protection level, tested at a performance level of 33 joules of energy.

KR3 - a high protection level, tested at a performance level of 43 joules of energy.

Click here for the Fortis Stab Resistance Technical Spec.


If you would like more information about our armour and its performance or technical specs for other products, please contact us

The wearing of body armour does not guarantee protection from all types of threats that may be encountered. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specified is satisfactory for the intended purpose. Kempton's expertise is at your service, with specific threat testing and proven solutions.

Protection levels, Ballistic armour 
Protection levels, Stab Resistance Body Armour 
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