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Live Fire Product Demonstrations

We can demonstrate the protection capabilities of our Body Armour products for you at a convenient licensed shooting range near to you, or at our rest facility in the Midlands where our product development work is done.


This procedure involves simulating the formal test procedures of the Ballistic-Resistant Body Armour Standards of the HOSDB and of the NIJ, where Body Armour Vests and Jackets are mounted upon plasticine blocks and shot with specified test ammunition. As well as enabling body armour to be demonstrated, our demonstrations allow our customers to see for themselves how body armour is tested.


Additionally, we can simulate HOSDB and NIJ Stab-Resistant Body Armour Standards with the use of specified test equipment and specifically designed test blades.


Please contact us with a request to see these demonstrations, which we will be very pleased to arrange for you.

Below is a video showing a live fire test on our products with an introduction into who we are and what we do. 

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