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Body Armour – Covert Protection

Covert or Concealable Armour


Available as a ballistic vest or as a stab/spike resistant vest, this lightweight style provides front, back and side protection with adjustment at the shoulder and sides. It can also be supplied with a plate pocket front and back to take a hard armour insert plate (HAP).

The Fortis® Armour range of covert body armour vests are designed to protect against:

  • Ballistic attack (including 'blunt-trauma')

  • Stabbing attack (including knives, spikes and needles)

Protection levels typically available in the covert body armour category are:

  • KR1 / SP1

  • HG1 / KR1 / SP1

  • HG2 / KR2 / SP2



Choose Your Style

It’s important to choose a style your staff are happy with, to ensure they wear their armour for the maximum time they’re exposed to risk.

Styles are either covert (concealed under the clothing) or overt (worn over the clothing). With covert styles, you can’t tell a person is wearing body armour, but some wearers find them less comfortable as they’re worn closer to the skin. Overt styles are easier to put on and take off, and potentially more comfortable, but can present the wrong image for certain job roles. 



  • White or Black

  • Discreet protection – when worn under the clothing our thin, lightweight highly flexible armour is totally concealed

  • Can also be worn over light clothing if preferred, as an overt style

  • Fully adjustable at shoulders & sides, giving maximum comfort levels

  • Heat management system - maximizes airflow, draws sweat & moisture away from the body

  • We recommend our Cool Dry T-Shirt for wear underneath this vest



  • Black

  • Very smart look – looks like a waistcoat – the fact that the wearer is wearing body armour is not obvious

  • Multiple adjustment points, offering superb comfort levels

  • Heat management system - maximizes airflow, draws sweat & 

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