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Body Armour – Military

Military Armour


Can be supplied with additional protection – bicep, groin, collar/throat. Side plate pocket options available. Can be supplied with molle system webbing. Used by standard military units and SF. Waterproof for life.


For military use the Fortis® Armour range of overt body armour jackets is designed to protect against Fragmentation.


Such jackets are capable of including 'Hard Armour' insert plates to defend against High-Velocity Rifle Attacks.


Fragmentation protection exceeds the NATO minimum standard for personal armour, and high-velocity rifle protection conforms to HOSDB RF1 and NIJ Level III and IV and German Schutzklasse IV and V.


Fortis military level armour is qualified to HG2/KR2/SP2 and NIJ IIIA.


Options available with the armour are collar protection, groin protectors and bicep protection, also with molle system options. 


For an explanation of body armour protection levels and body armour standards please refer to our Risk/Threat Assessment page.


Fortis military armour jackets can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements for outer fabrics, pockets, pouches, styles and insignia.

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