Body Armour – Overt Protection

Overt Armour


Available as a ballistic vest or as a stab/spike resistant vest. The carrier can be a zip front style or tabard (over the head). Both styles provides front, back and side protection with adjustment at the shoulder and sides. The tabard style gives additional over-the-shoulder protection and greater side coverage and can also be supplied with a plate pocket front and back to take a hard armour insert plate (HAP) to upgrade protection to Level IV.


The Fortis® Armour  range of overt body armour jackets is designed to protect against:

  • Ballistic attack (including blunt-trauma)

  • Stabbing attack (including knives, spikes and needles)

  • Fragmentation (from exploding devices)

  • Blunt injury (from blows to the body).


Fortis® body armour is qualified to HOSDB HG2/KR2/SP2 and carries the coveted Four-Star weight-rating. Additionally, the armour inside the jacket will assist in:

  • Reducing blunt-trauma injury

  • Maintaining protection when wet

  • Defeating burst-fire from sub machineguns such as the UZI


HOSDB HG2/KR2/SP2 armour is typically for armed-response police officers and Special Forces exposed to the highest threats.


Fortis® HG1/KR1/SP1 overt body armour jacket is suitable for patrol officers exposed to lesser threats.

Vests and jackets are also available certified to the US NIJ IIIA standards.

Fortis® overt body armour jackets can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements for outer fabrics, pockets, sizes and insignia 


The wearing of body armour does not guarantee protection from all types of threats that may be encountered. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specified is satisfactory for the intended purpose. Kempton's expertise is at your service, with specific threat testing and proven solutions.

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