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Body Armour – Overt Protection

Overt Armour


Available as a ballistic vest or as a stab/spike resistant vest. The carrier can be a zip front style or tabard (over the head). Both styles provides front, back and side protection with adjustment at the shoulder and sides. The tabard style gives additional over-the-shoulder protection and greater side coverage and can also be supplied with a plate pocket front and back to take a hard armour insert plate (HAP) to upgrade protection to Level IV.


The Fortis® Armour  range of overt body armour jackets is designed to protect against:

  • Ballistic attack (including blunt-trauma)

  • Stabbing attack (including knives, spikes and needles)

  • Fragmentation (from exploding devices)

  • Blunt injury (from blows to the body).


Fortis® body armour is qualified to HOSDB HG2/KR2/SP2 and carries the coveted Four-Star weight-rating. Additionally, the armour inside the jacket will assist in:

  • Reducing blunt-trauma injury

  • Maintaining protection when wet

  • Defeating burst-fire from sub machineguns such as the UZI


HOSDB HG2/KR2/SP2 armour is typically for armed-response police officers and Special Forces exposed to the highest threats.


Fortis® HG1/KR1/SP1 overt body armour jacket is suitable for patrol officers exposed to lesser threats.

Vests and jackets are also available certified to the US NIJ IIIA standards.

Fortis® overt body armour jackets can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements for outer fabrics, pockets, sizes and insignia 

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